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Employment and Labor Law

KBV Law is dedicated to providing the highest level of employment law advice and advocacy to every client. We offer expertise gained from representing clients in all aspects of employment and labor law and employment litigation. With extensive experience representing clients ranging from start-up organizations, to employers with thousands of employees, to individual executives and employees, we are uniquely positioned to offer the right services to fit your individualized needs. We are dedicated to finding solutions to your problems and to offering you the best protection against future problems.

If you need assistance on an employment law issue, whether it be drafting a human resources policy, negotiating a contract, understanding your rights or obligations under a state or federal employment law, or bringing or defending a claim alleging an unlawful employment practice, we can help and have the experience you need. Please call for a free consultation. KBV Law's practice is located primarily in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, although we are licensed in numerous state and federal courts.

Kamee B. Verdrager, Esq.
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