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Attorney Verdrager

Kamee Verdrager has more than a decade of experience representing employers and individual employees in addressing employment law issues. She has worked extensively with clients of all sizes with respect to state and federal employment laws. In addition, she has worked extensively with employment policies, functioned as a de facto human resources department for smaller employers and represented individuals in securing the best agreements to begin or end their employment relationships.

Kamee Verdrager is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. Prior to establishing KBV Law, she worked at large international law firms in both New York City and Boston. She is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia, as well as numerous federal courts.

Kamee B. Verdrager, Esq.
tel: 617.340.3115
fax: 617.231.0530
1 Hardy Road
Bedford, NH 03110